Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tunxi - Old Street

Old Street in Tunxi
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S. Zachko
This is a very interesting street in Tunxi - Old Street. This street could dates all the way back in Ching dynasty or older.

Huai-Cho is famous for the supply of traditional Chinese stationary: brush pens, Ying Tai, Ink stick and paper. This is a street for one shop shopping for all of them.

Huai-Cho is also famous for its teas. Well informed by all sorts of travel guides, there are four most famous teas in China, and Huai-Cho produces three of them: Mao-Fong green tea, Monkey King green tea and Chi-Meng black teas. Well, you might be able to find all of them on this street. However, this street targets tourists not real tea drinkers.. :)

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