Monday, August 31, 2009

New York- Bronx Zoo-Different View of the Zoo

NYC-Bronx Zoo
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S. Zachko
Been to zoo so many time, I've never got the chances to visit the Asia area. We decided to make a different route to visit this area in the Bronx Zoo this past weekend.

It turned out to be a quite different experience. We took the mono-rail and visit those animals in more natural habitats. Those Mongolian wild horses look exactly the same as the one in those countless Chinese painting. Elephants are more active. Rhinos are playing with mud happily. Even this red panda looks more relaxed than the one in the other area of the same zoo.

Kids were excited about the experience. Different from the previous one we'e done, we are the ones who need to be confined in the cart instead. We need to open our eyes to search and to feel those animals in the nature. I have a dream to bring kids to a real safari one day. I hope I can see more animals have better life quality (including human) in the natural habitats ..

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